Quotes from Ofsted reports

Our Ofsted inspectors kind comments.

Ivy Cottage

Young peoples views are promoted and they say they are ‘listened to’. Communication between staff and young people was open. Care planning is a strength of the home. Comprehensive programs of care fully assess and plan how staff should meet the individual needs of the young people. Young people are involved in contributing to the development and review of their own plans and participate in their reviews. Social workers confirm that the home provide regular updates on the progress of the young people and a ‘good standard’ of reports for statutory reviews.

Kestrel House

Young people are provided with a good standard of care, support and guidance so that they make positive progress. Young people benefit from good relationships with staff. The home has an experienced manager and team who through training and knowledge ensure the home is run to a good standard.

Kingfisher View

Young people enjoy consistent professional relationships with the staff. Staff receive training and have an excellent and comprehensive knowledge of working with young people. Young people are able to benefit greatly from making relationships and building trust with staff in order to move on from such behavior as going missing on a regular basis. This benefits the young people helping to ensure their safety. The manager ensures the home is always reviewing its practice and monitoring records which contribute to the new development plan in order to ensure that the home continually improves and that the experiences of young people is enhanced.

Maple House

Young people benefit from high quality and personalised care. They make excellent progress across all areas and staff support them to improve their behaviours and look forward to the future. Young people report that they feel supported cared for and protected in the home. Key working sessions with young people are a strength and recordings demonstrate that staff have good working relationships with the young people they support.

Oak House

Young people continue to thrive and benefit from their time at this home, ‘I really love it here’ was a comment made by one young person ‘I’ve calmed down a lot, I’m different from when I first came here’ was another comment. Strong relationships underpinned by clear boundaries and a settled staff team combine to enable young people to feel safe and cared for. It is clear that young people are valued and their input sought in the running of the home.

Ocean Pearl

Young people enjoy positive relationships with the staff who look after them. Young people make good progress during their stay at the home. Young people who have lived in care for some time say ‘this is the best children’s home I have ever lived in’ Young people stated that ‘staff are brilliant and always there to talk to you, they give you space when you need it’ The home is good at keeping young people as safe as possible. Young people say they feel safe.

Osprey House

Young people are enabled to develop a positive self – view while living in the home. Further young people develop a good understanding of their personal history and how this influences their behavior. A family member feels living in the home has turned the young persons life around. Young people are involved in a wide range of physically and emotionally stimulating activities in the home, such as sports, arts and crafts and gardening. A social worker commented that ‘staff have good times with the young people’

Pebble House

Young people experience many positive outcomes as a result of the care and guidance they receive at the home, and this assist them to develop increased self confidence and a positive self image. Staff take a more proactive approach to ensure young peoples views are heard in matters outside of the home. They make representations to social workers and other professionals on behalf of the young people and assist young people to access advocacy services.