Providing opportunities which result in positive, independent thinking

My Choice also has a commitment to providing opportunities for young people to act and think independently whilst being safe.

We offer and encourage many activities.


Young people are encouraged to undertake activities both as a group and individually. We endeavour to give opportunities to pursue leisure interests which take into consideration the young person’s abilities, culture, race, religion and language.

Within the home a balance is sought between organised activities and unstructured time which the young people can choose to spend as they wish, for example, watching television or playing appropriate games on the playstation. It is My Choice Children’s Homes policy that young people can only have access to games and videos/DVDs that are age appropriate to them.

Activities that are available to the young people include the following: Horse riding, ice skating, arts and crafts, cinema trips, cooking, fishing, go karting, rock climbing, activity centres, paint balling, water sports, theme parks (Merlin passes), camping trips, visiting new places, towns, cities, etc, sessions at the gym and fitness classes, bike rides, general fitness interests, leisure centres, swimming, badminton, squash classes, drama and singing classes. The young people are encouraged to join new clubs for example football, tennis etc.

All new interests, hobbies or activities are encouraged and developed.

The young people also take part in planned holidays and short breaks. These are organised through discussion with the young person, homes manager and social worker/parents. The young people are encouraged to plan the short break and the staff will provide a comprehensive overview including risk assessments, budgets and itinerary.


My Choice also has a commitment to providing opportunities for young people to act and think independently whilst being safe.

This is reflected in what activities are agreed with them to do. For example, if age and understanding is appropriate for a young person to go to the shops on their own, a full discussion and risk assessment for this would be undertaken. In relation to organised activities there would also be a risk assessment carried out to ensure it was safe and the young person’s welfare was not at risk.


Wherever possible and appropriate young people are encouraged to make friends outside of the home and these friends can come back if arranged previously. We cannot, unfortunately, facilitate overnight stays.

However, if a young person wishes to visit a friend’s house we have a commitment to making sure this is arranged in conjunction with their Social Worker and that all the necessary and appropriate checks are undertaken.

We view special days for the young person (i.e. birthdays, cultural and religious festivals), with great importance and endeavour to involve the young person in planning for these wherever possible.