About Us

Find out who we are and what we have to offer.

Vision & Approach

Every member of our team, whether RSW, Care Manager, Maintenance Worker, Teaching Staff, Office Worker or Director, endeavour to achieve the best. We work hard to recruit and retain truly talented, empathetic people to provide care, support and guidance to the young people. People who share the same vision and approach, who enable our young people to be the best that they can. Staff teams support the children to develop a range of independent skills to equip them for adult life.

We believe that our staff underpin our strategic direction, provide great energy, approachability and service excellence. Here at My Choice we embrace a culture where people can flourish and develop through hard work and commitment

Our Homes

Our homes provide a comfortable, non-institutional environment for young people to begin to work towards their future and independence, or return to home or to alternative carers. We are committed to supporting the implementation of Care Plans for medium and long term placements.


Since the implementation of the National Care Standards in April 2002, and the Children’s Homes Regulations 2015, My Choice has established a good relationship with Ofsted. We work in partnership with all our Placing Authorities believing open and constant communication between the home, young person, parents, families and the social worker is essential to ensure effective and safe childcare.

Supportive Framework

Every young person brings with them unique life experiences and as such we treat all as individuals, being very clear about their specific needs.

We look after the young person, not the perceived problem.

Our service seeks to provide an effective and supportive framework for Young People who would otherwise be hard to place.

Comfortable, non-institutional environments for young people.