My Choice School

My Choice is committed to increasing access to education and support

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My Choice School has a proven support structure in place with an innovative educational approach and are passionate about teaching all children.

My Choice School

Enhance the self esteem of all students and promote positive behaviour.

Develop achievement and skills in all students.

My Choice Children’s Homes aims to support the educational achievement of all young people in the setting that is the most appropriate to their needs.

Young people who attend settings including schools, alternative centres for education or colleges will be supported to maintain their placement through proactive involvement from their homes.

Young people at My Choice who have difficulty accessing school due to their complex needs may be able to access My Choice School.

My Choice School

My Choice School is managed by the Head of Education and Headteacher and is available at 2 sites for Year 7 to Year 11.

My Choice School Arundel

A small school site in West Sussex. My Choice School Arundel has a core team of the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, teachers and TAs.

My Choice School Oak House

A school provision in East Sussex within a children’s home setting.

Ethos and Values

My Choice School views each student as an individual with potential to succeed. We have a holistic approach to learning, incorporating their emotional and social development. We provide a curriculum to suit the needs and abilities of each student. We aim to provide a safe environment in which each student can engage in positive activities, develop their social skills, establish a routine that complements their learning style where they can develop their basic skills and build the foundation on which further learning can take place.

Aims of the School


  • To develop the self esteem of all students and encourage sound choices in their behaviour.
  • To develop a desire to achieve and learn new skills in all students.
  • To involve students and parents / carers in a holistic approach to education and build a successful partnership between home and school.
  • To prepare students for adult life.
  • To ensure that all Year 11 students achieve a place at post 16 provision or employment.

Provision of Information

The following information is available in the school’s prospectus Oak House 22 – 23 and My Choice School Prospectus 22 – 23.

Contact details for:

  • The school
  • The Head of Education – Annie Murphy
  • The Headteacher and DSL – Clare Wye
  • The Deputy Headteacher and DDSL – George Nicholl
  • Proprietor – My Choice Children’s Home Ltd

My Choice School has the following policies which can be made available to parents and carers either by post or email. Please contact Annie Murphy, Head of Education at to request:

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